-As for casting; Shimamura industry established in 1920- sitemap Japanese
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Thank you very much for reading our company profile.
90 years have already passed since our company started the production of the casting. As a member of the supporters of Japanese industry, we follow basics of the manufacturing faithfully. And we store technology. We have supported development of Japanese industry.
Our products Injection Molding, Die Casting Machine Castings, Pneumatic and Hydraulic Machine Castings and Thermal and Geothermal Power Generation Castings have been used application of industry and social infrastructure variously. Especially it has been abundantly manufactured that product is thick Ductile Cast iron. We get many customersf confidence.
Our policy is customersf priority. We are able to construct flexibly manufacturing line, because we make the most of medium sized and small enterprises. We manufacture customer needs from 100kg to 15000kg in products.
Moreover we strive to concentrate on making safe and healthy manufacture surroundings and training craftsmanship. Meanwhile we promote manufacturing being used ICT and we keep challenging new technology. Besides we have established manufacture in China since 2012. And we constructed supply system to meet customer needs.
Our company declare that gCast iron products with heart and soulh. We will sincerely support growth of worldwide customers by manufacturing using of reliable technology we have refined for a long experience.

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