-As for casting; Shimamura industry established in 1920- sitemap Japanese
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Company Overview
Company nameShimamura Industry CO., LTD. factory
Capital25,000,000 yen
Main Office1-12-10-506,Mori,Koto-ku,Tokyo,Japan
Main Factory2043-11 Ota, Sakura- city, Chiba, Japan 285-0808
TEL:+81-43-486-5500 FAX:+81-43-486-6176
Forming Model Factory784-24 Joh, Sakura- city, Chiba, Japan 285-0817
TEL:+81-43-312-0840 FAX:+81-43-312-0839
Beipiao Shimamura Machinery Dasanjia- villege Dasanjia- township Beipiao- city, Chaoyang- prefecture, Liaoning, China
Business ContensDuctile Iron Casting@Gray Cast Iron@Special Cast Iron@Modeling@Machining
Homepage URLhttp://www.shimamura-industry.com
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Main Factory
Contract Demand2050kw factory
Factory Site11000u
Factory Building Total Area2955u
Office / Public Welfare building291u
Casting Factory2269u
Core Factory and Pattern Warehouse368u
Tent Warehouse1066u
Ability For Monthly Production550
Single Product Weight15t Max
Molding frame size4000~3000~2400(mm)

Beipiao Shimamura Machinery
Factory Building Total Area5760uBeipiao
Main Building3840u
Multi-purpose Warehouse1920u
Ability for Monthly Production400
Single Product Weight1800s Max

Forming Model Factory
Factory Site141u
Office/ Welfare Building34u

Main Client
VOITH IHI Paper Technology Co., Ltd.
Akita Zinc Solution Co., Ltd.
Akiyama International, Inc.
IHI Construction Machinery Limited
IHI Machinary and Furnace Co., Ltd.
IHI Corpration
IHI Compresor and Machinery Co., Ltd.
Ozaki Gear Works Co., Ltd.
Kohtaki Precision Machine Co., Ltd.
Sanwa Kizai Co., Ltd.
Sumitomo Heavy Industries Modern, Ltd.
Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.
DMW Corpration
Toshiba Machine Co., Ltd.
Toshiba Machine Plastics & Diecast Engineering Co., Ltd.
Toshiba Medical Systems Co., Ltd.
Towa Industrial Machine Co., Ltd.
NIppon Ican Ltd.
Otis Elevator Company
Nippon Fischer Co., Ltd.
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

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