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1920 Tokutaro shimamura founded a foudry in Fukagawa, Tokyo. Manufacturing pig iron castings
for a lot of machines.
1923 Foundry destructed by fire caused by the Great Earthquake in Kanto area.
February, 1924 Restart business.
October, 1927 Moved to Oshima-cho, Koto-ku, Tokyo, for plottage reduction by land readjustment.
1934 Joint stock company, Shimamura foundry is established as a juridical person organization.
March, 1945 Most part of the foundry was lost by the war. Immediately started restoration which enabled
some work to start in July.
1949 Reorganization of the Corporation, established Shimamura-industry headquartered in Tokyo,
inducting Kunitaro Shimamura as the managing director.
1954Saburo Shimamura took the office as a representative director.
1965 Start production of Ductile casting iron.
1968 Transferred the main office to Oshima, Koto-ku, Tokyo.
1973 Cupola furnace of 3t and 5t was abolished, and 5t low frequency induction furnace was installed.
1978Molding process was switched from inorganic self-hardening to organic self-hardening.
1981 Transferred the factory to the current area for exclusive use of the industry, considering
the future development.
January, 1988 Saburo Shimamura assumed the chairperson, and Ikutaro Shimamura assumed the representative
director of office.
May, 1988 Enlarged 2t high frequency induction furnace.
May, 1992 Shift mold coat type to aqueous coating. Introduced mold dry kiln.
May, 1993 Materials examination room and chemical analysis room was established.
October, 199730t mixer, 15t vibration table and 15t crane were set for factory enlargement.
December, 200320t crane setting
September, 2005 5t low frequency induction furnace and 2t high frequency induction furnace were abolished,
and 3t high frequency induction furnace was installed.
July, 2010Hiroshi Shimamura, the former executive director, took the office as a representative director.
October, 2012Beipiao Shimamura Machinery Co.,Ltd. was founded in Beipiao, Chaoyang, Liaoning, China,
solely owned by Shimamura Industry Co., Ltd.
February, 2015Forming Model Factory was started operation.