-As for casting; Shimamura industry established in 1920- sitemap Japanese
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Cast iron products
with heart and soul

Service for Customers

Serve goods within required lead time, with complicated models in high quality at low cost.
Our policy is to produce fine goods that customers needs.

Service from Technology

We are always trying to acquire new technology and develop it in order to satisfy our customers needs.
Consistent high quality;new models made from new materials.

Service from Our Wonderful Teamwork

A safe workshop where employee can work comfortably. Flexible organiziation to enable each employee to give full scope to his ability. A good working ambience that results in wonderful teamwork.

Service for the Community

We adhere to our environmental impact reduction plan to achieve its objective and goals. We take part in community activities and contribute to the development of our community.

Please contact us about the casting with ductile cast iron (FCD), gray cast iron (FC), manufacturing once by all means.
Since the establishment of our business, we respond to the demand of the customer
with our cumulated high technology and trust.